dropz Pure - Mint Lime

Pure Essence

dropz Pure - Mint Lime

20 dropz / 10-20L

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🌱 Swiss quality natural flavours

👌 No calories, no sugar and no sweeteners

🙌 20 dropz per bag

🌳 Plastic-free

🌊 Every purchase supports the Ocean Clean Up

🚀 Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

🚚 Fast shipping, free over CHF 30

Refrain from sweeteners

Give your water a refreshing, fruity taste thanks to our dropz made from natural aromas and essences. Refrain completely from sugar, sweeteners and calories.


Depending on how fruity you like it, you can mix a drop with 200 –1000 ml of water. It’s best to try with 500 ml of cold water to start with. Contains 20 dropz and gives 4–20 litres of taste explosion, suitable for still or sparkling water.

Drink local and think global

Our dropz are developed and produced in Switzerland. We pay attention to resource-saving production and completely plastic-free packaging. For every bag of dropz sold, we fish one ocean-bound plastic bottle out of the sea.