These are dropz

Make more out of your water.

Our dropz unfold in your water bottle to true taste and vitamin wonders - and all without sugar or calories. We use the treasures of nature to create our flavors from the finest fruits and herbs. Through careful extraction, we obtain the natural flavors, which we process into the practical dropz - all 100% free of added sugar and made in Switzerland.

Not in the mood for extra sweet drinks? Especially not from a PET bottle that you only use once? Then you're like us! In search of a tasty solution, we came up with the idea: We have high quality and healthy tap water at our disposal - for free. So why don't we get flavor and vitamins from fruits and herbs to enrich our water with them? The idea is as simple as the product should be for you.

In the beginning, there is a desire for taste

Today we are pleased to present you with probably the smallest drink to go: our dropz in different, natural flavors. To be enjoyed in one of our reusable bottles, made from ocean waste.

With dropz we create a healthy and sustainable alternative to existing sweet drinks. Our goal: Natural taste with 100% feel good factor.

more taste & less waste

Why dropz?

With every drop a portion Feel Good

drink more & feel good

Make your water a pleasure

100% fresh taste from natural plant and fruit flavors.

drink more & feel good

Treat yourself to a healthy drink

Valuable vitamins, no calories and no sugar

drink more & feel good

Help us clean up

With every pack of dropz you support our "Ocean Clean Up" project.

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The story about dropz

We are a young Swiss start-up and have launched our first products in early 2021. Zafar, the founder of dropz, has always had a guilty conscience when buying PET bottles because the associated production and logistics pollute our planet and the bottles - especially abroad - are too rarely recycled and unfortunately often end up in the ocean. For this reason, he had begun to refine simple tap water with a piece of lemon, a few mint leaves or another fruit. Of course, he served the flavored water to his guests, who always reacted enthusiastically to the delicious drinks. It was precisely these reactions and comments from guests and friends that triggered Zafar's search for a way to easily enrich tap water with various natural flavors. From this search and subsequent development work, the dropz were developed.


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