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How much water should be used for a drop?
What is the expiraten date of the drops in an unopened package?
What is the shelf life of the drops in an opened package?
drops are sugarfree. How do you sweeten the drops?
Are the drops also suitable for children?
Is there caffeine in the drops?
Is the bottle leak-proof, insulating, easy to carry in your luggage?

You can dissolve one drop in 2-10 dl of water (or more). The more water, the lighter the taste.

If you are drinking a flavor for the first time, we recommend you to start with one drop and about 6 dl of water.

The expiration date can be found on the back of the drops bag.

Once the package is opened, the drops should be consumed within 30 days.

We use the sweetener sucralose. This is suitable for diabetics.

People with fructose intolerance should consume the product only after consultation with their doctor.

In principle, there is nothing to prevent our caffeine-free drops flavors from being used to prepare drinks for children, as our drops contain no sugar. The drops flavors with caffeine are labeled accordingly.

However, it should be noted that the drops contain vitamins (about a quarter of the daily requirement of an average adult). Therefore, we recommend that healthy children consume drops only after the age of 6 and not more than one Drop per day. The amount of water per Drop can be adjusted as desired (2-10 dl or more water).

The drops line "Energy" contains caffeine (50 mg per drop).

The bottle is leak-proof, insulated (24h hot, 12h cold) and easily transportable in your luggage.

Delivery, Shipping time, production, invoice

Delivery cost
Delivery time
Do they have a store for pickup and purchase?
The invoice is missing - what do I have to do?

From a purchase of CHF 19.00 shipping is free, otherwise shipping costs are CHF 4.90.

The delivery time is currently 1-4 days.

The drops are developed and produced in Switzerland.

The bottles are manufactured in China.

Currently, there is not yet a store to pick up or purchase the products.

The invoice is sent automatically and immediately after the order. Has it possibly landed in the spam? Write us an email to hello@dropz.com and we will send you a copy.

Die Lieferintervalle können Sie pro Abo-Artikel nach Verfügbarkeit wählen.

Abonnemente sind jederzeit anpassbar und kündbar
Ihr dropz-Abo können Sie jederzeit in Ihrem Abo-Konto anpassen. Es kann jederzeit gekündigt werden und es besteht keine Mindestlaufzeit. Ein Abo-Profil wird beim erstellen des ersten Abos angelegt.

Abo Rabatte
Auf viele Abos erhalten sie Rabatt gegenüber einer Einzelbestellung. Der jeweilige Abo-Rabatt wird auf dem Produkt angezeigt.

Unterstützung bei Fragen
Wenn Sie unsere Hilfe zu Abonnementen wünschen, schreiben sie uns eine E-Mail an hello@dropz.com

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