For the sake of the environment, we want everyone to drink mainly local tap water and to reduce the consumption of bottled beverages and the associated logistics as much as possible. We want to make tap water ‘sexy’ again. Nevertheless, we don’t want to forgo flavour.


I first came across the idea of using natural aromas to ​​turn tap water into tasty soft drinks at an early age. Even as a child, my mother would enhance drinking water with ginger, apple or lemon to save money. Instead of sugary soft drinks, there was pimped tap water.  The older I got, the more I was on the go and grabbed drinks in PET bottles. Over time, this type of consumption bothered me more and more – the drinks were full of sugar and chemical additives, and the logistical expense and CO2 emissions were immense. I drank more and more pimped tap water like I had as a child. When I realised over time that this type of drink tasted good not just to me but also to my guests, it was clear that I wanted to turn this idea into a product fit for everyday consumption and founded dropz. 


Everyone recycles and there are countless organisations fishing plastic out of the sea. Nevertheless, more and more plastic waste (4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes per year) ends up in the oceans. With pimped local tap water, you can quench your thirst in an enjoyable and, above all, sustainable way, and automatically cut out the long transport routes and plastic waste, which somehow ends up in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Drink local, think global!