Botte by bottle

Together, we are ridding our oceans of plastic waste.

Less PET & less CO2

dropz is committed to sustainable production methods and is therefore particularly committed to recycling. What does that mean exactly? We want to help greatly reduce the consumption of PET bottles in the long term. This not only saves plastic, but also a large amount of CO2 for its production and logistics. With every package of dropz sold, we work with you to reduce the number of PET bottles that end up in the ocean and instead support their recycling.

Our goal until 2030

Collect 30 million PET bottles - in water and on land

8 million tons of plastic are already in our oceans today. By 2050, the weight of plastic will exceed the weight of fish if nothing changes by then.

8 Million tons of plastic in our oceans

Currently, only 10% of plastic waste is incinerated to produce energy from it. If plastic is not incinerated, it will not degrade.

Over 500 billion new plastic bottles are produced every year

rePATRN organizes the collection of PET bottles and processes the recovered recyclables into bales, from which valuable products such as parts of our Dropz bottle are manufactured. Thanks to durable products and fair remuneration of the collectors, an important contribution to social development is made.

dropz supports rePATRN with every product sold.

Together with our project partners, we are freeing coasts and oceans from plastic waste, and in the process plastic bottles are being transformed from a disposable product into a valuable commodity.

Shifting Perceptions from Waste to Resource.

Our dropz Bottle is made largely from collected waste from the ocean. With a bottle from the Blue Ocean Edition you also support our "Ocean Clean Up" project, in which one kilogram of plastic waste is collected before it goes into the ocean and processed for recycling. You can pre-order the bottle from us now.

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